0.C Cooper Released!

Details and Discussion in the Forum Thread

The Cooper release is named in honor of the new monster infighting system, now you can sit back and watch as your enemies tear each other to pieces. Don't get too close though, they're still out for your blood.

  • This release also brings the long-requested DeathCam system, which lets you see the aftermath of the glorious fireball or atrocious trainwreck that was your demise.
  • Gun users will notice a new aiming menu, you now spend time to steady your aim, do you take the shot now, or wait until the zombie gets a little closer?
  • Tailoring-oriented survivors (and who isn't?) will note the new tailor's kit item, which lets you add insulation or protective patches to your clothes.
  • Survivors with gigantic deathmobiles may appreciate the new turret options, including being able to enable/disable individual turrets, and being able to fire some turrets manually.
  • Finally, for survivors with, shall we say, "well-stocked" bases, there are massive improvements to performance when there are many thousands of items nearby.
Posted by Kevin Granade at 2015-03-11 14:49:07 UTC

0.B Brin Released!

Details and Discussion in the Forum Thread

The Brin release is named in honor of significant improvements to PC/NPC relations.

This release, containing over 9,000 commits (I counted) brings an unheard-of amount of new features and content, most of which wants you dead.

Start your adventure in a wide variety of different locations, with a selection of different starting scenarios, now with unique character traits. Explore new locations, some of which are ridiculously big (did somebody say 'mall'?), and some of which have inhabitants that don't want to eat you for a change. Vehicles have gotten some love, and now form a basis for an electrical network should you desire to build one. If you've ever wanted to strap a C4 pack onto an RC car and drive it under a Zombie Hulk, you got your chance.

A few more highlights:

  • You want speed? We brought the speed.
  • You want more buildings? We have more buildings.
  • More configurable difficulty? got it.
  • Better menus? Way better menus.
  • Mutation chains to explore? Tons of em.
  • More guns? yep.
  • More things to bolt on your deathmobile? All over the place.
Posted by Kevin Granade at 2014-11-17 04:43:44 UTC

New download locations.

We're having some technical/organizational issues with updating the sidebar, so here are the current links for downloads.


Linux Curses

Windows terminal



Mac curses (no localization)

Latest Experimental

Linux Curses

Windows Terminal



Posted by Kevin Granade at 2014-04-09 02:27:41 UTC

Apologies for late new version announcement - also, a Design Doc!

There was an error in visibility settings, and it turns out most people couldn't see the previous announcement about the release of version 0.A.

So yeah, that's out! Check it out!

In other news, we've also published an official Design Outline, to help developers collaborate and work towards a central vision as we move into the future. If you're interested in reading it, check it out and leave a comment! Or, if you're interested in making some in-depth suggestions, join the ongoing discussion on what changes should be made, if any.

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2014-03-05 21:45:47 UTC

0.A Stable "Kaufman" released!

Details and Discussion in the Forum Thread

The Kaufman release is named in honor of a huge expansion to Cataclysm's mutation system. The release, our largest yet also brings innumerable bugfixes, performance enhancements, new items, a long-awaited module manager, new monsters, fullscreen mode, better mouse support, new map tiles and an unheard-of level of stability.

Some highlights:

  • Module manager now supports enabling and disabling large swaths of content.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Many mutations, more refined mutation progression.
  • Improved view options for driving, your view can shift in the direction of your travel, and the game can display a crosshair indicating facing.
  • Improved item handling, including category views, partial stack handling, and examining the contents of a grabbed vehicle (e.g. your trusty shopping cart).
  • Mouse move and mouselook.
  • Fishing, grab a pole!
  • Working Refrigerators for fish and other comestibles.

Posted by Kevin Granade at 2014-03-04 03:43:16 UTC

Roguelike Votes have opened!

Every year, Ascii Dreams holds a vote for the best roguelike. Placing high on this list is an opportunity to attract some new fans, so feel free to participate and support us.


Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-12-20 14:27:56 UTC

Surviving the Dark Days Ahead

Surviving the Dark Days Ahead (Cataclysm: Live Action 26-minute movie)

Another kickstarter reward tier fulfilled, and what is (in my opinion) a great and hilarious little movie that I think all Cataclysm fans will enjoy. Hopefully you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-12-06 06:45:25 UTC

The Wiki needs your help!

The Cataclysm Wiki is a great tool, but keeping it up to date is a full time job! If you've got your time, please help out by stopping by, helping keep things up to date, and adding valuable contributions. Just like the game itself, the wiki is a collaborative project whose survival depends on the contributions of people like you.

We've also got a new Cataclysm Wiki Discussion Board in the forums, so feel free to stop by and introduce yourself if you want to help out, especially if you could use a little assistance getting started!

Thanks again to kenoxite, who has poured his heart and soul into making the wiki as good as possible. He's been it's primary maintainer for too long, and could really do with break from a rather demanding and thankless job, so let him know you appreciate him by stepping up and helping us make it the best resource it can be.

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-12-01 06:15:06 UTC

Mac Version now available!

We have two stable versions for our Mac users now available thanks to the valiant efforts of pipehat on the forums. Thanks dude!

The top link is for Mac OSX versions 10.7 and greater, the other is for previous versions (though not ALL previous versions of course).

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-11-16 15:45:45 UTC

Windows Hotfix - Construction crash fixed

No wonder we weren't able to reproduce - this bug (seemingly) only occurs with particular compile options. We think we've fixed that for now, and the release should work for Windows users without having made any changes to the code. Hopefully it now deserves the name Stable.

If you download a version of the game after this is posted and you STILL get the bug, make sure to let us now on the Bug Report sub-forum, and make sure to specify this is a post-hotfix stable bug report.

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-11-15 18:11:33 UTC

Warning: Hotfix Incoming

If you're on Windows, you might want to hold off on the "Stable" release right now or at least avoid constructing anything. There's a major crash bug that is NOT happening on Linux, whenever the construction menu is used. We'll be trying to land a hotfix for this before the day is out, do keep an eye out for it.
Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-11-15 14:55:02 UTC

0.9 Stable "Ma" Released!

Details and Discussion in the Forum Thread

It took a bit longer than expected, but release 0.9 is no officially released! There's a lot of stuff that was added and a lot that's changed, but despite it all there shouldn't be any problems bringing your 0.8 saves forward to this version if you want to.

As always, you can see the full feature list in the forum thread announcement, but I'll give you a taste right here and now:

  • World Factor, the first part of the mod manager, is now in, allowing you to maintain multiple worlds at the same time with different characters and settings.
  • SDL version now has mouse support, and TsuTiles is the new graphical standard bearer, based on SirHoder's tiles. (While we can't yet package it with the release, I strongly encourage you to check out HRose's Retro Tileset if you're interested in a beautiful looking classic feel)
  • New items, new recipes, new traits, new professions, new mutations, new enemies, new vehicles, new everything.
  • Fungaloids have been reworked, and will now behave a bit differently. Worth checking them out. Spawn mechanics were also reworked - some stronger monsters will not appear until later in the game, and some monsters will only appear in certain seasons or at certain times of day.
  • Vehicles and vehicle construction received a significant overhaul.

And there's some other stuff too - this is just the highlights, as I see them.

We've been holding off on a lot of major changes recently to make sure this branch is super-stable - but that means that the Experimental, for those riding the edge, is going to be a lot LESS stable for a while, as it sees a rapid introduction of all the bits and pieces that were put off until after release.

And with that, I wish you all a good night. Enjoy, Cataclysm fans!

Side note: For everyone who's bugged me about wanting to financially support the game post-Kickstarter, you are now able to do that! Huzzah!

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-11-15 06:25:33 UTC

Filming Today!

Filming is today (or tomorrow, if you're reading this the moment I'm posting it) and I hope to see some of you there!

Location: 711 W Boylston St, Worcester, MA 01606

Time: 12-6pm, Saturday, November 9th

Contact Number: 401-481-1750

You don't have to be there the whole time, use that number to get a hold of me to figure out where we are filming if you arrive late. Bring props if you have them!

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-11-09 04:17:39 UTC

Video Shoot Rescheduled

The Video Shoot has been rescheduled to the 9th. Sorry for the short notice. Location and time of day remains the same, it's just taking place next Saturday instead.
Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-11-02 23:13:11 UTC

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

I hope you enjoy the ability to be a spooky g-g-g-ghost, and the other surprises in today's experimental!

Unfortunately, the Official Release is getting delayed - we got a big wave of pretty serious bugs reported in the last week that we want to knock down before we have the audacity to call something Stable. We should be declaring a new Release Candidate soon though, and after people get a few days to take a crack at it we'll hopefully be in better shape for an official version. Aiming for sometime late next week for the official release now.

Discuss This Post

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-10-31 13:36:12 UTC

Casting Call

Hello again, Cataclysm fans!

For any of you located in or interested in making a pilgrimage to New England, we'll be (tentatively, at the moment) holding the filming of the Kickstarter reward video in less than two weeks, on November 3rd somewhere in the vicinity of central Mass. (We'll announce the exact location as the date draws closer!)

And we need zombies. Lots of zombies. Packs of zombies. Hordes of zombies. The more zombies the better.

If you're interested, please post in the forum thread or, if you must, send an email to glyphgryph.com with the subject line "CASTING CALL" to let us know you want to be involved. (Posting on the forum is a much better choice, though!) Bring your own costumes and supplies (or even better, bring enough to share with others) if you can. Check this space for further news as the date crawls closer.

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-10-22 19:06:05 UTC

Experimental build links fixed

Experimental build links were broken since the new version - this has been fixed, so feel free to partake once more of the cutting edge.
Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-09-19 04:33:50 UTC

Cataclysm 0.8 "Romero" Released!

The newest stable version has been released!

It includes a variety of new features, such as the Kickstarter-earned tileset support, lots of options like city size and spawn amounts, and thus the ability to turn those worlds into super-cities with undead pouring out of every orifice, and the long awaited addition of pushable shopping carts! As always, there's always a good amount of new content to discover as well.

As usual, you can discuss it in the announcement thread for the new release, which also includes a copy of this version's changelog.

But for, let me just touch on the things you should know for the new version:


It ships with two major tilesets - Deon's tileset is larger and more detailed, while SirHoden's uses smaller tiles and is more dense. Both look really good and have their own styles, and while both probably have a bit more work to be 100% complete I think they look pretty good! What might not be obvious is how to switch between them.

To change the tileset open up the text file data/gfx.txt. You'll see a section for Deon's tileset (the default) and SirHoder's tileset below it. To switch, add a leading '#' to the JSON and TILESET lines under Deon's section, and remove the leading '#' symbol from the same lines in SirHoder's section.

Worldgen Options

I'll trust you guys to figure most of these out yourselves - they are pretty self explanatory. Check the options menu!

Shopping Carts

You can now push shopping carts (and vehicles in general) with shift-'g'.

(For Chinese and Russian translators, when translating this post feel free to put the new Russian and Chinese language options front and center and describe how to use them)

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-09-16 22:41:56 UTC

A glimpse of the future

Been eager for a new release of Cataclysm? Want to see if the Kickstarter has been bearing fruit?

Well, then, take a gander at this video of the soon to be released version of the game.

Tiles! Megacities! Custom world options! All these and more will soon be available to you in a stable build!

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-09-03 21:34:29 UTC

Website Updates

There have been some changes to the website this weekend, and there will be more coming over the next week. The most important one is the new Developer's Diary section, and the ability for backers to create accounts to view the newest Developer's Diary entry.

Keys for this will be sent out to all backers of the appropriate tiers sometime tomorrow, which will allow you to sign up.

Meanwhile, tileset support progress has been chugging along, with quite a bit of chatter about refining it in IRC this weekend. Sean's code is publicly available on his repo already, but there's still plenty left to do.

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-08-19 04:14:26 UTC

Progress has Begun

For non-backers who haven't been getting regular updates - our programmer has begun work on getting tileset support working, and is making good progress. I expect it to be finished early next week, and several folks on the forum have tilesets ready to plug in and go.
Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-08-11 15:41:48 UTC

Kickstarter Funded!

We've done it! The Kickstarter has been funded! Thank you, everyone, for your contributions. I hope we can make you proud moving forward. Expect a more substantial update later this week. You guys are the best.
Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-07-22 04:31:04 UTC

Version 0.7 Lindqvist Released! And three days remain in the Kickstarter...

To celebrate the achievement of not just the success of our Kickstarter, but also reaching the first stretch goal, we've pushed hard to get out a release before it ends!

The biggest piece of news is that the game now has built in support for multiple languages! Which... probably won't mean much for you, since we haven't fully finished translating anything yet, but the support is there. Other changes include torches now lighting enemies on fire, new bionics, item spawning much easier to mod, a configurable auto-pickup option for retrieving arrows and whatever else, and rotten items now eventually disappearing from the map.

We also did a bit of rebalancing (for example, you'll notice that Jabberwocks are much more rare now) and fixed various bugs such as turrets deciding to go for walkabout and ending up in strange places.

As always, you can find the thread with the full feature list in our announcement forums:

We actually released a quick bugfix release before this announcement, so technically this will be 7.1 Lindqvist. To make sure you have the appropriate version, it's best to download from the sidebar until the links are updated.

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-07-19 03:27:33 UTC

Jace Hall Interview

Just a quick update today. We recently did an interview with Jace Hall. I think it's a pretty good read. There are some minor issues - we're working on 3d mechanics, for example, not 3d graphics, but overall it was a pretty fun interview, and hopefully the article is an enjoyable read.

Posted by CleverRaven at 2013-06-26 20:23:43 UTC

Attention Chinese language players:

First off, thanks! You're one of our fastest growing demographics, and you've been doing some great work translating the game! We're going to be working on shipping the game with multilingual support out of the box, but it's great to know we've got an audience already hard at work.

If there's anyone out there who is skilled in translating Chinese to English (and I know there are, we've been paying attention) and wants to become an official translator for the site, (and maybe keep me up to date on the things I can't read) I'd greatly appreciate your assistance translating the site.

In addition, if there's actually a Chinese-language version of the game out there, please let me know! I would love to link it from the site, so that people can easily find and download it.

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-06-25 04:14:54 UTC

MacBuild and Kickstarter Progress

Mac build for 0.6 Samedi is now live.

Mac users, rejoice!

Meanwhile, we've surpassed 50% funding on the Kickstarter! Awesome guys, thank you so much for your amazing support. I think we can not only hit the target but surpass it, and I'm really hoping we get enough that I can add the physical reward tiers. The header image up there is a sample from some of poster artwork that will be available if we can raise a bit over $16,000 - which will also mean a full half-year of dev time, a lot of exciting features to boot!

Here's the target list for the features we'll add to our obligations if that happens, as well (More details to come!):

  • Scenario System
  • Exotic Biomes/Zones
  • Stealth and Darkness
  • Monster in-fighting
  • Item and inventory rewrite
  • Improved Z-levels (climbing, jumping, vertical construction)

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-06-25 03:38:20 UTC

Version 0.6 Samedi released!

Full details in the forum thread!

Along with the launch of the Kickstarter, we're also announcing the release of a new stable version: 0.6 Samedi

Some notes on this release:

  • Significant windows performance improvements! It's almost as if you weren't second class citizens compared to our Linux users. Almost.
  • The undead rise again, but you can put a stop to it - if you don't finish them off completely, they will recover to threaten you again. So remember to perform a melee finisher (smash) a few times, light them on fire, or otherwise insure their second trip to the afterlife is a permanent one.
  • Learning system overhauled - the experience pool has been replaced by a Focus system, where the efficiency of learning is what's changed, rather than the strict can learn/cannot learn dichotomy of before. Morale is still incredibly important though! Keep your spirits up if you want to improve (even if you have to imbibe some spirits to pull it off).
  • More indicators - How much sound you're making, how long actions take, you'll generally get more feedback from the game.
  • And quite a few other changes - check the changelog for the full list!
Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-06-22 04:58:08 UTC

It's here! Kickstarter has launched!


And we're off! The Kickstarter is live, and we are prepared, finally, to shut up and take your money.

Discuss the Kickstarter on the forums

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-06-22 04:09:31 UTC

Kickstarter launches in three days

Everything is in order. It's actually happening.

Three days from now, on June 22nd, the Kickstarter will launch. Hopefully those of you who can will decide to back it. For those of you who can't afford to, spread the word - let those who might be interested know that it, and this game, exists. Now is your chance!

Posted by CleverRaven at 2013-06-19 21:17:03 UTC

New bleeding edge links posted!

We've updated the links to bleeding edge Windows builds. They're now updated whenever the main dev version is updated, rather than once every 24 hours. We've also added a link to an SDL version! It's been available for a little while to people building from source, and it's now available for general alpha-testing, as well. There's a thread in the announcement forum where you can post feedback about the differences between the two versions - we're quite keen to hear whether there are any performance differences, in particular!
Posted by CleverRaven at 2013-06-11 03:20:35 UTC

Teaser Header

You may have noticed a new header gracing the site. This is a slice of a work-in-progress image from one of the Kickstarter rewards. I think you guys will really like the finished piece, too. The artist we have pulling this stuff together for us is amazing.

You'll get to see a teaser of the finished piece, and the name of the artist, when the Kickstarter launches.

I'm working things out with Amazon right now, so depending on how things go, we might still be able to hit the initial date, but it might be worth it to use the additional week to add a bit more polish to the pitch video and whatnot. We'll see.

As always, feel free to join the discussion about either the website or the Kickstarter!

Posted by CleverRaven at 2013-06-11 02:23:34 UTC

Nightly build is out of date

As the title says, the nightly build is (sadly) out of date. When we moved the Github repository (to the current shared repository under the CleverRaven org), the nightly build script wasn't updated. We'll post an update when we're able to update the nightlies.
Posted by CleverRaven at 2013-06-11 00:57:15 UTC

Kickstarter Launch (and other news) Update

There have been some issues with Amazon, so just a heads up - the launch of the Kickstarter is fairly likely to be delayed. Hopefully not more than a week while we get things worked out.

In game news, we've got some interesting changes to the spawn mechanics in place again, so if you're on the most recent version, you'll notice you might have to change your strategies up. Zombies now spawn based on the buildings that surround their area, instead of in a perfect circle around the center of town, so that's something to keep in mind.

Finally, update your repo locations! We've moved the official repo over to the CleverRaven group so we can have multiple developers with admin rights. If you're linking to the old repo, you'll want to update those links now.

Posted by CleverRaven at 2013-06-07 17:25:06 UTC

Website fixes

Made several tweaks to the website. For example, you'll notice the Nightly Build has been added to the sidebar, the existing download links now actually work, as well as links for Atom/Rss support, which was previously broken but should be working now.

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-06-02 03:06:08 UTC

Cataclysm Will Always Be Free

Just a reminder, since several people expressed concern, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is an open source community project and we will never require you to pay for it. Kickstarter just means we can do more, faster - everything else will still work the same way.
Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-06-01 19:46:55 UTC

On the Horizon... Kickstarter Launches in 2 Weeks

Many of you have played Cataclysm for a while. Others have only recently discovered the game. But one of the more common comments we receive is "How can I help?"

Now is your chance. We're going to attempt to bring Ethan "Soron" Kaminski on as a full-time Cataclysm developer, dedicated to bringing us top-notch performance, full tile support for those who wish it, z-levels, advanced modding tools for non-technical users, along with a wide variety of other goals. All things that are on the feature list, but more extensive than we could probably manage on our own, and with development times measuring in weeks or months instead of years.

We'll keep you up to date on the state of the Kickstarter as it progresses - We plan to launch on June 15th. It's been great having you all as fans, and hopefully, working together, we can make this game even more awesome, far faster than would otherwise be possible.

A link to the kickstarter will be provided once it launches.

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Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-06-01 16:35:41 UTC

A New Dawn

And so launches a new Cataclysm website! With ATOM/RSS support, an actual history of news posts, and quite a bit of behind the scenes support this is a definite step up for us.

Probably the most major new feature is the internationalization - while the full extent of this will have to wait on the translators who are even now hard at work, the new website will be available in multiple languages. While we don't have them yet, additional language resources like forums ands wikis will hopefully follow soon.

Comment on the Forums

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-06-01 15:49:54 UTC