Version 0.6 Samedi released!

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-06-22 04:58:08 UTC

Full details in the forum thread!

Along with the launch of the Kickstarter, we're also announcing the release of a new stable version: 0.6 Samedi

Some notes on this release:

  • Significant windows performance improvements! It's almost as if you weren't second class citizens compared to our Linux users. Almost.
  • The undead rise again, but you can put a stop to it - if you don't finish them off completely, they will recover to threaten you again. So remember to perform a melee finisher (smash) a few times, light them on fire, or otherwise insure their second trip to the afterlife is a permanent one.
  • Learning system overhauled - the experience pool has been replaced by a Focus system, where the efficiency of learning is what's changed, rather than the strict can learn/cannot learn dichotomy of before. Morale is still incredibly important though! Keep your spirits up if you want to improve (even if you have to imbibe some spirits to pull it off).
  • More indicators - How much sound you're making, how long actions take, you'll generally get more feedback from the game.
  • And quite a few other changes - check the changelog for the full list!